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Toddlers & Twos

Classroom306HOur Toddlers and Twos are busy! Throughout the day, they do art projects, play dress up, do puzzles, read plenty of books, run around outside, sing songs, eat lots of healthy food, and so much more while having FUN and LEARNING through PLAY.

YOUNG SPROUTS Farm to Childcare Project

The Toddlers and Twos participate in our Young Sprouts Farm to Childcare Project. The purpose of the project is to teach young students about the importance of farming, to grow your own fruits and vegetables, to care for the earth and to eat healthy.

Young children are natural gardeners. They are curious, like to learn by doing, and like to play in the dirt.They will learn to connect with nature, do something real with tangible results, and enjoy both the process and product.

Hint: Search fns.usda.gov for Team Nutrion and The Two Bite Club for GREAT ideas on encouraging your preschooler to eat Healthy!